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John Brown Miller has a 35 year focus on bringing practical business, legislative and contractual solutions to the world’s burgeoning public infrastructure needs.

He was a reporter on the American Bar Association’s 2007 Model Code for Public Infrastructure Procurement project (MCPIP), which provides “best practices” in procurement in America’s 90,000 state and local governments.

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John brings the world’s experience in infrastructure delivery to every speaking engagement, always with a practical focus on value for money.

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The infrastructure space is complex. John brings a unique special experience to reach the heart of these issues.

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Recent Blog Posts

Much Of What is Known About Infrastructure is Wrong

By:  Dr. John Brown Miller Moving people, goods, and information more quickly at lower cost has been a common public purpose since George Washington left his Potomac Canal development in 1789 to become President of the United States.  Our infrastructure platform allows information to flow, goods to move, and people to work.  No nation has

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Five Truths About Infrastructure

By:  Dr. John Brown Miller Joel Moser’s August 4, 2017 column “Five myths about infrastructure” was an interesting read, and I finally have time to rebut it.  I know, respect, and like Mr. Moser.  As with all complicated subjects, there are competing, conflicting, views. Mr. Moser’s “five myths” are actually “five truths”.  I’ve relabeled and

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