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John Brown Miller has a 35 year focus on bringing practical business, legislative and contractual solutions to the world’s burgeoning public infrastructure needs.

He was a reporter on the American Bar Association’s 2007 Model Code for Public Infrastructure Procurement project (MCPIP), which provides “best practices” in procurement in America’s 90,000 state and local governments.

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John brings the world’s experience in infrastructure delivery to every speaking engagement, always with a practical focus on value for money.

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The infrastructure space is complex. John brings a unique special experience to reach the heart of these issues.

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Recent Blog Posts

The President Wants to Bring Outcomes to Infrastructure

By:  Dr. John Brown Miller The Trump administration’s Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America will add the measurement of outcomes against infrastructure plans to federal grant policy.  That is a revolutionary change for the better.  The program includes $200 billion in new, direct federal spending over a ten-year period, designed to attract $1.3 trillion in

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The Fiction of Federally Funded Infrastructure

Congressional Infrastructure Dead End – Earmarks or Nothing By:  Dr. John Brown Miller [Originally published by in The Hill on June 9, 2018.] Members of Congress are used to logrolling each other to move as many projects from their district’s wish list onto a joint list of projects that can garner 218 votes in the

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Infrastructure Upside Down – The Gateway Project

Infrastructure Off-Track:  the Gateway Project to New York By:  Dr. John Brown Miller [Originally published by The Washington Examiner on April 8, 2018.] The federal role in financing state infrastructure remains upside down.  Instead of using life cycle competition to confirm value for money, Congress remains focused on earmarking state projects in federal appropriation bills. 

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